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I am very happy to see your visit to my site. Although it is difficult to write about myself, I will try to illuminate my humble character in a few sentences. Mother nature decided to generate me as the fair sex, so to speak, but most of my interests deviate from the typical female activities. I love DIY, making something out of nothing, giving unnecessary objects a new value, according to the domain of upcycling. Music is also my great passion. I seek solace in a rather wide spectrum of sounds from blues to black metal, hated by the vast majority of society. Often it is in music that I find inspiration for the paintings, illustrations that I create. For many years I have been fighting a completely amateur battle with the guitar, I play for pleasure, relaxation, recently I have also become fond of the bass and drums, playing gives me a lot of satisfaction, it is a break from everyday affairs. Writing about myself, I can not leave out my great love for animals, which also appear in my works. In love without memory in my purebred mutt Marduk, I would take him with me literally anywhere, and since I very like to travel, it can sometimes be difficult. However, every micro-trip is done in the company of a dog, combining a love of escapades and off-road cars – my other (mechanical) thing.

During the voyages, I do not part with my camera, I like to capture in pictures both vast landscapes and details that often escape somewhere under the pressure of impressions. Travel becomes the inspiration for my greatest passion, which is creating new worlds in paintings and illustrations. Spiritus movens is actually everywhere, in the stone I stumble over, in the snail I just saved from being trampled. My studies, of course, helped me in the development of all my passions (I am a graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź). In an unexpected way for me, they developed creativity and creative, non-obvious perception of reality. In turn, pedagogical postgraduate studies enabled me to work with children. Developing the individual artistic abilities of students and motivating them to independently explore creative expression gives a lot of satisfaction. In my work as an educator, I use my own ideas for spending time creatively with the youngest, which I publish on my blog kidsarts.pl. In conclusion, I will only add that I deliberately started with my passions, because I believe that what is most interesting and valuable in people are their passions.

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